A Playdate at Belmont Park

June 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm sure all of us have photos of our kids as they're babies. Then a couple of blurry ones as they become mobile and too fast, too busy to stop and "cheese!" for a snapshot. I imagine that, as they grow even more, photos become less and less - driving to and from school, camps, sports, other activities... Let's not forget that they're still little, that this time is still just as special, and there are so many moments and firsts yet to capture. 

I had so much fun following Sara, Athena and Rowan around at Belmont Park. After a few games, we went across the boardwalk to the beach and found that there were still a few crabs left on the shore from the many that were washed up just days ago! I watched as Rowan bravely held one and returned it to sea. That eight year old boy has more courage than I do! Sara, your children are delightful and I'm so happy to have met you all. Thanks for letting me tag along. 



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